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Better Together

Introducing our newest partner,


The Canadian Food Market Continues to Grow – and So Do We!

We’re pleased to announce that Dennis Group has recently formed a partnership with IFAB Engineering Partners, a Canadian company founded in 2013. The 35-person firm provides consulting, design, engineering, and project management services exclusive to the food industry. IFAB works on a broad range of food and nutraceutical projects with particular emphasis on primary and secondary protein processing. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, IFAB is only 70 kilometers from Dennis Group Canada.

Meet IFAB's Partners

Ron Usaty

Ron Usaty, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Ron is trained as a mechanical engineer and has responsibility for all design and engineering departments within IFAB including architecture, process, structural, electrical, and mechanical. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Ron is knowledgeable in all major features of food safety design.

Heather Vander Schaaf, COO

Heather VanderSchaaf, PMP

Chief Operations Officer

In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, Heather is Director of Projects, responsible for design and project management integration, procurement, contract negotiation, and all administrative functions. Heather specializes in working with clients to optimize their investments through strategic planning and execution. 

Joe Nagy, CSO

Joe Nagy

Chief Strategy Officer

Joe is the head of business development, managing IFAB’s external network for leads and sales. He also works on the project-side, managing jobs of all sizes. His specialty is beef, pork, and poultry processing from slaughter to finished goods, as well as thermal processing.

IFAB’s Project Work 

Almost half of IFAB’s top 25 clients in the last few years are in the meat and poultry industry. The other half of their list is well diversified in food and beverage.

Experience in: 

+ Primary and secondary protein processing
+ Continuous line baking and snack food production
+ Vegetable and thermal processing
+ Confectionery
+ Dairy processing
+ Beverage pasteurization and packaging
+ Temperature controlled storage and distribution

How Will This Partnership Benefit Our Clients?

We could see that IFAB and Dennis Group had a lot in common right from the start. We’re both focused on cultivating long-term client relationships through excellent service and value.

We look to continue to build a cohesive and formidable team in the Canadian market. From where we’re standing, we see only up-sides for our clients: 

  • We have a larger local team in Canada, now with approximately 60 people 
  • By combining IFAB's design and engineering resources with DG’s packaging, automation, modeling, and construction management capabilities, we can service any size of full-scale design-build project with local resources 
  • We have enhanced expertise in the protein sector for primary and secondary processing - Canada's largest sector in food

If you're interested in inquiring more about our companies and how we can assist your internal engineering team, please contact us today.


Samples of IFAB's Clients & Work

Maple Lodge Farms


Long-term partnership with this national poultry producer for master planning and project execution, including throughput modifications, live receiving systems, hen dolly conversion, kill floor expansion, new air chill, new freezers, packaging modifications, auxiliary buildings, and retail outlet.


Hylife Foods


Created, engineered, and managed a multi-phase master facility plan to double throughput.  Long-term relationship with client was initiated in 2007, with phases of expansion executed through 2019.  Provided consulting on all aspects of processes, from barn to new CO2 stunning process, cut floor, packaging, and distribution.


Granny's Poultry


Masterplan for an expansion of the existing facility which resulted in the decision to expand the primary processing operation including killing, turkey evisceration, water chilling, turkey packaging, and a variable retention time freezer. Value: C$40M. 

Vector isolated illustration of simplified administrative map of Canada. Borders of the provinces (regions). Grey silhouettes. White outline.

Canadian commercial packaged meats supplier with annual sales of $4 billion


Canadian commercial packaged meats supplier with annual sales of $4 billion


Producer of boutique award-winning goat and sheep cheeses.


Family-owned Les Viandes du Breton was the first organic and natural pork producer in North America.


Processor and marketer of value-added frozen fish and seafood.


Producers of high-quality loose tea that is sold direct-to-consumer.


Family-run company known for their choice cuts of pork.


A meat packing food processing company that produces a range of pork and poultry products


A specialty meat, processing, procurement, and distribution company providing high quality meat products to Canada.


A specialty meat, processing, procurement, and distribution company providing high quality meat products to Canada.


The leading producer and distributor of packaged fresh bread and bakery products in Canada.

Hylife Foods

Canada’s leading pork producer and global exporter of high quality pork products with 3,500 employees worldwide.


Granny’s Poultry merged with Exceldor cooperative to form the largest poultry cooperative in the country with 400 farmer-members.


Producer of high-quality chicken and pork products with more than $1.4 billion in annual sales.

ferrero chocolate

Based in Italy, one of the largest producers of chocolate products in the world.


Privately-owned Canadian manufacturer of pork, beef, turkey, chicken and fish products.


Manufactures products for the retail and food service markets, primarily ready-to-eat foods, appetizers and sauces.

Farmer-owned provider of high-quality pork products.


Cannabis formulation and processing company that manufactures a range of innovative cannabinoid-based products.


One of the largest snack food companies in the world with global revenues of $25.9 billion.


Makers of the Extreme Bean and other novelty tasty, social, and fun products.


Canada's largest independently owned cheese maker, which sells products under their own name.