• After Campari Group purchased Wild Turkey the decided to invest $100 MM in the Lawrenceburg, KY facility in order to bring all bottling and packaging in-house once again.

Project Highlights

  • Dennis Group was responsible for the design and construction of a grassroots bottling plant for Wild Turkey at its distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The facility was designed to produce Skyy vodka, flavored vodkas, Wild Turkey bourbon, American Honey and various specialty bourbons and featured three high-speed bottling lines with room for a future fourth line.
  • The building was constructed on a very hilly site with an excess of 25 feet elevation difference in the original topography resulting in a massive cut and fill operation; a considerable amount of blasting was needed to remove ledge.
  • The project features an outdoor tank farm for incoming spirits, capable of holding up to 300,000 gallons of product, a 15,000 SF blending room with 400,000 gallons of blending and bottling tanks and a 40,000 SF bottling hall.
  • The upstairs office core was designed with a viewing mezzanine to allow Wild Turkey to conduct visitor tours of their operation and the facility has become an important stop on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.