Sustainability & LEED


The Triple Bottom Line of Sustainable Design

As a company, we are committed to sustainable design, aligning our projects with the principles of The ‘Triple Bottom Line’:  Economic prosperity for our clients and the communities in which they operate, environmental stewardship and social responsibility towards present and future generations.

Energy Savings Help Plants Consume Less Resources & Save Money

Food and beverage processing is inherently energy and water intensive; therefore, our efforts are strongly aimed at improving the efficiency and sustainability of the production and packaging processes in all our facilities.

Often times, energy saving initiatives can have a short payback period and may be eligible for incentives and rebates, which further help defray the cost.


Common Areas that Present Opportunities for Energy Efficiency

Pump & Motor Sizing / Control




Process & Packaging Waste



LEED Accreditation

Dennis Group is a member of the United States Green Building Council. We have a full-time director of sustainability and dedicated sustainability staff including LEED accredited professionals on staff. We are able to manage all aspects of LEED certification – from design and construction through LEED credit administration. View our LEED certified projects.

As part of our offering we include a Sustainability Assessment at the beginning of every greenfield project at no cost.

Food & Beverage Markets Served

We have 30 years of extensive experience in all segments of food and beverage.