Food Safety Consulting Services & Audits

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+ HACCP programs
+ FSMA programs
+ Training programs
+ Compliance Inspections
   (Regulatory or 3rd Party)
+ Corrective & Preventive Actions

Food Safety Consulting Services & Audits

Food Safety

Building a strong food safety culture starts with a well written program and comprehensive training. Our experts can provide you and your facility with the tools to successfully run a safe and sanitary operation.

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Continuously improve your food operation

Our food safety consultants understand the challenges food processors face. Whether it's product out of specification, equipment failures, or foreign material, Dennis Group is here to help. Using a systematic approach, our Food Safety Consultants will ensure hazards remain under control and your management system is balanced throughout the operation.

Our Services Include:

+ HACCP programs
+ FSMA programs
+ Training programs
+ Compliance Inspections
   (Regulatory or 3rd Party)
+ Corrective & Preventive Actions


Put your trust in the experts

Since principles of food safety must be intertwined with the realities of running a busy and demanding manufacturing facility, an ideal partner offers both knowledge of complex regulations as well as practical food production experience. A few key areas that differentiate Dennis Group:

+ Over 30 years dedicated solely to food & beverage industries

+ Our PCQI & FDQI staff have prior real-world food manufacturing experience

+ Food Safety Specialist & Engineers work under the same roof to seamlessly address food safety concerns.

+ Dennis Group evaluates both risks and benefits, concentrating your capital on areas of greater importance.

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Online certifications or

customized programs

Earn a FSPCA Certificate issued by the Association of Food and Drug Officials via a convenient live-virtual instructor-led course. Practical examples and hands-on exercises will give you the tools you need for real-world applications. We also offer custom in-person trainings and certifications for larger groups. Courses include:

+ FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Foods

+ FSPCA Intentional Adulteration Conducting Vulnerability Assessment


Transition seamlessly from food safety planning to on-site implementation

Our Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI), certified in both human and animal food, can audit your existing plan or write a new plan to establish:

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Facility and Product Overview

Pre-Requisite Programs

A Hazard Analysis

Process Flow Diagrams

Critical Control Points & Preventative Controls

Recall Plans and Mock Exercises

Once a food safety plan is in place, implementation is equally important. We assist with verification documents, employee training, and the creation of a record management system to make the transition from plan to execution more seamless.


Identify where to check for contamination or unsafe conditions

An environmental monitoring program verifies a facility's master sanitation program. The seek and destroy method is an integral part of controlling the spread of pathogens across the facility. It seeks out environments within the plant the pathogen is known to live and destroys that environment to prevent continued growth. We can help you establish a comprehensive program.

+ Site maps
+ Routine swabbing sites
+ Corrective & Preventative Action Procedures
+ Employee training

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Keep your product safe from tampering

Food processors are now required to comply with FSMA Food Defense Regulations. These FDA-mandated rules to prevent intentional adulteration require a food defense plan to be written, managed, and updated at least every three years by a Food Defense Qualified Individual (FDQI). Our FDQI staff will conduct vulnerability assessments to identify significant vulnerabilities during each step of your manufacturing process. Mitigation strategies will then be developed based upon the findings.


Deliver consistent product quality and boost customer loyalty

An often overlooked, yet critical, tool to achieving more consistent product is a Food Quality Plan which identifies factors that can potentially impact quality, such as operating procedures, equipment performance, and environmental conditions. As a manufacturer, the Food Quality Plan can serve as a basis for training. It also provides your team with tools to quickly recognize, evaluate, and correct out-of-specification product.

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Assess systems before problems emerge and always be audit ready

Proactively assessing your food safety protocols helps identify gaps before problems emerge and prepares you for regulatory reviews. Our compliance audits are collaborative and involve meetings with key team members. While on site, we will:

+ Review Food Safety Plan or HACCP documentation

+ Verify Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Preventive Controls (PC) or Critical Control Points (CCP)

+ Inspect storage, processing, and packaging areas for nonconformances

+ Work with site management to identify corrective and preventive actions

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Our Services:

+ HACCP programs
+ FSMA programs
+ Training programs

+ Compliance Inspections
Regulatory or 3rd Party)
+ Corrective & Preventive Actions

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