Benefits of Design-Build

Significant Time and Cost Savings with Design-Build

Although Dennis Group is comfortable working in a variety of structures, we believe in the advantages of a design-build approach.

For the client, the design-build model eases the burden of managing multiple vendors and provides single-source responsibility and accountability. Design, engineering, construction and technology objectives are unified from the onset, positioning the project for success.

Fewer layers and parties involved streamline the process and eliminate duplication, improving efficiency. Design and construction can overlap, fast-tracking a project from conception to completion. Additionally, having the designers and engineers work closely together results in greater innovation and value engineering, which improves quality while driving down the cost.


Sabra earned the Design-Build Institute of America's national merit award for excellence in design-build. Using best-practices, they doubled their facility ahead of schedule and under budget.

Learn how design-build benefited Sabra and earned them the DBIA's highest award

Explore the Advantages of Design-Build Highlighted in a Recent Study:

  • Scored Higher in
    8 out of 10
    Quality Categories

  • 6.1% Lower Unit Cost

  • 33.5% Faster Delivery Speed

  • 11.4% Less Schedule Growth

  • 5.2% Less
    Cost Creep

* Design-Build Results from a Study Conducted by the Construction Industry Institute and Pennsylvania State University