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For the last 30+ years, Dennis Group has worked exclusively in the food and beverage market, designing production systems - and the buildings that house them -  for almost every conceivable market segment. Cannabis processors are manufacturing products ranging from flower, extracts, oil, distillates, concentrates, edibles, topicals and infusions. Each one has different processing and packaging requirements, and you need an engineering partner who has the experience that is well matched with your operations. 

With 500 employees spanning eight domestic and global offices, we have the resources you need. We can do small-scale studies, full turnkey ground-up greenfields and everything in between. Plus we have specialized capabilities such as automation, packaging integration, and system modeling  - all under one roof.

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See how FlowerOne and Dennis Group transformed a small traditional greenhouse into a 400,000 SF high-tech growing and production facility, complete with indoor cultivation and commercial kit

Learn about our latest full-scale cannabis project


• Propagation through harvest
• Cutting rooms
• Automated plant transport and transplant
• Flooded vegetative floors
• Automated greenhouse systems


• Automated harvesting systems for:
    + De-budding
    + Sizing
    + Trimming

Processing & Packaging

• Dry flower including pre-roll and jar packaging
• CO2 extract and cannabis-derived terpenes
• Specialized LPG concentrates
• High volume cryogenic ethanol extract for distillates
• Edible, infused, and concentrate product formulation and packaging

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With five domestic offices across the United States, and locations in Canada, South America, and Europe - we have local resources available on a global level.

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