Cereal & Grain Processing Design

From a 27 MM pound per year DX line for extruded cereal to a 425,000 SF greenfield expansion, Dennis Group has big experience with grains and cereals. A sample of our work:

  • Extensive experience with all major cereal production technologies: milled and flaked, shredded, extruded, sheeted and gun puff production lines
  • Implementation of new railroad sidings¬† for bulk grains, corn and liquids
  • Ingredient handling systems including truck and rail car receiving for
    bulk dry and liquids
  • Expertise in pneumatic convey systems (dilute and dense phase, pressure and vacuum) to effectively convey dry ingredients, intermediates and waste products
  • Batch and continuous cooking of cereal and grains
  • Extruding, sheeting/cutting, pelletizing, flaking and milling-lapping systems for forming products of various types
  • Belt, fluidized bed, rotary and impingement drying technology & various toasting ovens
  • Coating systems for flavorings, vitamins
  • PHA and dust explosion hazard mitigation
  • Design of large scale aspiration systems
  • Allergen separation
  • Material handling including bulk storage units and a variety mechanical conveying and distribution systems
  • Packaging in a variety of formats: bag, bag in box, stand-up pouch, bulk, etc.
  • Automation and controls
  • Warehousing