Covid Response



Adapting to a New Normal

Thanks to COVID-19, food processors are scrambling to understand and comply with evolving mitigation guidelines. Short-term administrative controls are a step in the right direction, but manufacturers also need to assess long-term, permanent solutions.


Mechanical Quality Plans

Proper air handling and balancing is more critical than ever. We can perform a risk assessment and provide a cost benefit analysis of recommendations.



We can assess the right level of automation for you. Our controls and system integration teams will customize a solution to fit your needs.


Food Safety

Our Preventive Controls Certified staff can update food safety plans or audit your operations to identify potential risks.


Modeling Simulations

Identify bottlenecks, test scenarios, and optimize a line with a simulation from our modeling group before you make physical changes.


Facility Retrofits

Looking to increase capacity or modify your product mix within your existing footprint? We can help you execute a retrofit without disrupting current operations.


Master Planning

Inform your capital planning with a long-term roadmap of cost estimates and milestone schedules. We can assess one or more facilities based on future capacity needs so you can plan for today and tomorrow


Multifacility Evaluations and Relocations

Mergers and acquisitions have become a key growth strategy for food companies in recent years. We can help you assess facilities, inventory equipment and assets, and relocate equipment.

Need some help identifying long-term solutions to COVID-19 and beyond?

We can identify areas for improvement and help execute them!