March 2022 Events Calendar






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Happy birthday, Brainstorm Button!

It's been one year since we added our "Brainstorm with us" button on Sharepoint. We've heard your ideas and are always open to more! So come collaborate with us on ways to make DG a better place to work and help us understand where and how best to focus our efforts. You can find the suggestion box button on Sharepoint, just below the Projects slider.

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International Women's Day

Tuesday March 8

Happy International Women's Day! The very first Women's Day happened in New York City in 1909 as a celebration of working women. Since then, it has gained momentum and popularity in countries around the world and has come to be a celebration of womanhood, women's rights, and working women's contributions to the world.

Clock with fruits and vegetables as numbers. Isolated on white.

Daylight Savings Starts

Sunday March 13, 2am

It's time to roll back the clocks for Daylight Savings Time!

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St. Patrick's Day

Thursday March 17

"May every day for you be happy from the start and may you always have good luck and a song within your heart."

Bouquet of beautiful spring flowers on pastel blue table top view. Greeting card for International Women Day. Flat lay.

Spring Equinox

Sunday March 20

Welcome back, Spring!

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Spring Wellness Challenge

Monday March 28

Get ready to walk, dance, bike, asana, and jump-rope your way into wellness this Spring! Whatever form of activity you choose, set your goal, sign up as a team or as an individual on the challenge web page at this link, and log your minutes. 

Personal protective workwear and blueprint with some measuring instruments shot directly from above on rustic wood background. The protective workwear includes hard hat, gloves, earmuff, goggles, steel toe shoes, and safety vest. The composition also includes a tape measure and bubble level and a construction blueprint, all items used by construction worker or engineer. Predominant colors: yellow and brown.

Safety Committee Meetings

Tuesday March 15, 11am EDT (Springfield)
Tuesday March 15, noon EDT (Atlanta)
Tuesday March 15, noon PDT (San Diego)
Wednesday March 16, noon MDT (Salt Lake City)
Thursday March 17, 10am EDT (Battle Creek)

Want to help the DG Safety Committee plan for 2022 and our continued safety from covid-19? Join the DG safety meetings. Want to join in? Contact Chris Klesse.