Maidstone Bakeries



  • Maidstone Bakeries was a joint venture between Tim Hortons and Cuisine de France to commercialize a cutting-edge technique that “flash freezes” par-baked donuts, fritters and crullers as soon as they leave the fryer. The facility supplied sweet baked goods and baguettes to the network of popular Tim Hortons franchises across Canada and North America.

Project Highlights

  • This fast-track design-build project went from planning to completion in less than 12 months.
  • A 31-acre site was developed as well as a 230,000 SF facility which included a 40,000 SF storage freezer and 40,000 SF office space.
  • Site preparation, adjoining caissons/foundations, expandable building design, and mechanical/electrical system sizing all provided flexibility to allow for future expansion.
  • Dennis Group was involved in two subsequent expansions which increased the size of the facility to 400,000 SF.