Brazil First Greenfield


Parabéns, DG Brazil!

1st Greenfield Facility

A Company Milestone

Dennis Group's Brazil office has officially completed their first large-scale greenfield project. Recognized for its sustainable design, the 300,000 square foot Diageo-Ypióca Cachaça producing plant in Itaitinga, Ceará has been dubbed one of the largest and most modern cachaça factories in Brazil. Watch the video at right for an overview of the finished facility. 

Diageo Brazil facility

DG Takes Over


Without being involved in the initial stages of the project, Dennis Group was brought on in 2021 to take over construction management. However, construction activities were halted with the discovery that no detailed engineering had been done. Dennis Group quickly began defining specifications and developing detailed engineering, all while trying to reuse scope and equipment that was purchased prior to DG's arrival on the project. With an impressive design-to-production timeline of 24 months, Dennis Group Brazil completed their first greenfield facility in December of 2022.



Project Highlights

  • Implementation of global Diageo safety standards and adaptation of designs to ensure compliance with those standards
  • Construction of a classified area for alcohol
  • Construction of a high care area, meeting quality requirements and improving sanitary conditions
  • Relocation of four existing bottling lines from a neighboring plant
  • Installation of solar panels 



Sweet and refreshing Caipirinha national cocktail from Brazil made with lime,ice, sugar, and a sugarcane liquor

What is cachaça?

Cachaça (pronounced Kah-SHAH-sah) is a traditional Brazilian spirit made from fermented sugar cane. The rum-like liquor is commonly enjoyed with fresh lime juice and sugar, but it can also serve as a base in cocktails and even desserts.   

Congratulations to these, and many others, who contributed to Project Bandeirantes' success!

Mariana Rios
Luciana Moreira
Civil & Environmental
Fernanda Carneiro
Mariana Silva
Marjhorre Malfatti
Rogerio Alcantara Dias
Construction Managers
Eduardo Felizardo
Edir Rossi
Daniel Berwanger
Bruna Mingotti
Matheus Lourenco
Mariela Cuevillas
Alesandro Oliveira








Felipe Branco
Osmar Freitas
Jose Walter Soares
Lucas Balestrassi
Renato Faria
Diego Moreira

Sheila Saturnino
Adelson Soares
Denis Mitsuo

Ricardo Alkmin
Adriano Amadeu da Costa
Fabio Spinello





Joao Pedro Correa
Guilherme Mello
Domenico Pinto
Rodrigo Rocha
Danillo Soares
Paola Bassam
Gabriela Barini
Thaís Dalseno
Project Managers
Gabriel Louzao
Leticia Figueiredo
Leticia Oka
Corporate & Accounting
Alexandre Gueiros