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What makes a good industrial site?

A suitable site will allow for good product, traffic, and employee flow. It’s important to identify and understand ingress/egress areas, local zoning requirements, and traffic patterns on public thoroughfares. Assessing whether the infrastructure is capable of safely and permanently handling employee and truck traffic can identify if costly upgrades will need to be made now or in the future. Alternative routes should also be mapped in the event that a primary route is blocked or not usable.

Does security factor into site selection?

Since FSMA enacted new rules aimed at preventing intentional adulteration of the food supply chain, any processor who is evaluating a new site has to consider some basic safety and security criteria. Whether a company is assessing a new plot for construction or retrofitting an existing building, it’s critical to understand how readily you can control site access.  Commonly considered factors include adjacent neighbors, privacy or direct-line of site to the facility, fence lines, traffic flow, employee and material segregation, and access points.