• StockPot, a subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company, produced fresh-refrigerated soups, entrées, sauces, chilies, gravies, and side dishes. All products emphasized freshness and quality, using fresh-cut vegetables, genuine dairy products, fresh herbs and spices, and premium meats and seafood.

Project Highlights

  • Dennis Group provided complete design-build services for StockPot’s new greenfield facility project in Woodinville, WA, but their business had tripled in a short time, so Dennis Group was once again engaged when they required a second new facility on an 18-acre site.
  • The new soup manufacturing facility doubled the size of their production capacity, as well as implemented an expanded state-of-the-art clean-in-place (CIP) system to accommodate the made-to-order soup runs while improving production efficiency of StockPot’s unique cook, chill and packaging systems.