Meet Marnie Rubin!


Marnie Rubin

Meet Marnie Rubin, Dennis Group's new Director of Human Resources!

With 18 years of Human Resources experience and a particular focus on strategy, performance management, and support for organizational growth, Marnie is bringing a wealth of knowledge to DG's HR department... and to the company as a whole.

Get to know Marnie through her own words in the mini-interview below, and keep an eye out for a more in-depth introduction in an upcoming issue of Bread & Butter!

What makes you most excited about joining Dennis Group?

It was important to me to join an organization that I felt really connected to. As someone who has spent much of her career in the professional services world of law firms, the client focused values and purpose-driven mission of Dennis Group was something that I really related to, and it resonated deeply with me.

The people I came to know through the interview process were not only talented professionals and strong leaders, but also thoughtful and kind colleagues. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join such a wonderful group of people at such a great organization!

"The values and purpose-driven mission of Dennis Group was something that... resonated deeply with me."

How do you plan to engage with employees and foster a positive company culture?

I plan to get myself out there and be available, be visible, and listen to and connect with my colleagues. As I get to know the organization, its objectives, and the needs of the work force it will help me to understand how best to align and support them. Plus, I always have candy in my office, so please stop by anytime!

Is there an HR initiative from your past experience you're particularly proud of?

Improving communication around change and decision making has been an important focus for me. The successful programs, policies, and other changes I implemented were all accompanied by an effective communication plan.

Whether we were implementing a change that would be felt organization wide or one that would impact just a few employees, if people understood what was happening, when it was happening, and why it was happening, we were able to deliver results more effectively for the organization and our employees. 

I think good communication is a cornerstone to building the core values of trust, fairness, and connection across an organization. Initiatives that are communicated effectively and help build those core values are the ones I am most proud of.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the team or a message you have for everyone?

I am excited for the opportunity and I look forward to getting started!

"Good communication is a cornerstone to building core values across an organization."