Pepperidge Farms


LEED New Construction v3 Certified


  • Dennis Group assisted in the design of the 34,000 SF Pepperidge Farms Innovation Center located at their headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. The new facility houses state-of-the-art labs, a pilot plant with product development and testing lines, a culinary kitchen, and meeting rooms dedicated to developing new products.

Project Highlights

  • Certified by the United States Green Building Council under the LEED New Construction v3 Rating System, the Innovation Center was designed as a high performance green building. The facility reduces environmental impact, creates a healthy environment for building occupants, and decreases long term operating costs.
  • Daylight and occupancy sensors are utilized to reduce energy consumption from artificial lighting. A high efficiency HVAC system relying on refrigerant flow for space conditioning, rather than airflow, and a VFD air compressor provide further energy savings. Overall, the building has 16% lower energy costs than facilities of similar size and purpose.
  • Through the use of low flush and flow fixtures, the Innovation Center consumes 30% less water than a typical facility. The project also increased occupant health and comfort by providing ventilation through a dedicated outdoor air energy recovery ventilator.
  • To further reduce environmental impact, strategies to reduce fossil fuel consumption were utilized. The project owner located the facility in an urban environment with public transportation access to reduce the energy impact of employee transportation to and from work. The facility also sourced 30% of construction materials from within 500 miles of site to reduce the impact of transporting the materials to site.